3 Reasons to Smile


Smiling is contagious! When you see others smile there is reaction in the brain that makes you want to smile as well. Photo by Daniel Y. Go.

     Since my last two posts have been on the more serious side, I thought I’d lift the mood a bit!

     They say it takes less muscles to smile than it does to frown. Well, believe it or not, smiling has other benefits. Smiling has a positive mind-body connection that can trigger bodily functions related to happiness and bliss, as well as, increase the quality of your social life. Actually, smiling is an infectious act! Research shows that when others see a smile it causes a reaction in the brain to make the same expression. Furthermore, the act of smiling releases feel good chemicals in the brain that will reduce stress, and, overall, keep you alive longer. So, how often do you smile?


     I thought I would give you three reasons to smile, today:

     (P.S. I own no rights to these videos. I made sure to post the names of the channels of the videos I got these from).

1. Military Father Surprises Daughter at Competition (Video From: AmericaVideoMontage)

2. Lion love! (Video From: African Dreams)

3. Random acts of kindness (Video From: SunriseOn7)

      After this blog post take a mental note on how much you smile in day. If you realize there is room for improvement make a few changes.


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