A Kiss: Not Just A Kiss


According to psychologist, a kiss is not just a kiss. Humans use kissing to pass along critical information, and to maintain relationships. Photo by Lori Greig.

The smooch, peck and kiss.

According to research, a kiss is not just a kiss. In an NPR article “What Humans Can Learn From A Simple Kiss,” psychologist say we kiss beyond reason of just pure arousal. Humans kiss for two reasons. 1.) We kiss to assess potential mates and 2.) To maintain attachment.

Whether consciously processing it or not, kissing allows humans to get close enough to their partner to gauge characteristics of them. Kissing passes across important information.  Part of the information is processed through chemical signals called pheromones, and those signals can allow us to even determine the immune system compatibility of a mate. Other information is also passed across through confidence in body language. Moreover, kissing can determine the healthiness of a relationship more than sex. Partners who kiss more often can expect to be together longer. However, men and women value kissing for different reasons.

Men use kissing as a tool for arousal before the initiation of sex. Women, on the other hand, use kissing after sex as a relationship maintenance function. Women also rate kissing more importantly than men. More likely than men, women feel a change in attraction after the first kiss.

The article did not take into account cultural uses of the kiss, such as greeting others. Here is the article!!: http://www.npr.org/blogs/health/2013/10/11/231458850/what-humans-can-learn-from-a-simple-kiss

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