“…And Breathe”


Deep relaxation can increase energy level and productivity, as well as, improve concentration and memory. Relaxation is essential to overcome anxiety, stress, and tension. Photo by Zucki12

If you’ve ever taken a meditation or low-intensity yoga course you know that “…And Breathe” is at the core of relaxation. As a college student remembering to breathe is that last thing on a person’s mind after being slammed with a deadline, exam or obligation. And when downtime arrives, the activity is usually sedentary.

Relaxation is a bit more than taking a bubble bath or unwinding in front of TV at the end of the day. The relaxation that makes a difference is regular, day-to-day habit of deep relaxation. In fact, to relax is the foundation to overcome stress, anxiety and tension. It engages a number of physiological changes. For example:

  • Decrease in analytical thinking

  • Decrease in blood pressure

  • Image

    Photo by ~T.Man

    Decrease in muscle tension

  • Decrease in heart and respiration rate

  • And more.

For 30 minutes on a daily basis, regular practice of deep relaxation can produce benefits for the rest of an individuals life–benefits that include improved concentration and memory to decrease of phobias. There are several methods to attain a state of deep relaxation.

1. Yoga

     Yoga can increase flexibility, relaxation and overall fitness. Similar to exercise, yoga involves both the body and the mind; however, in a much more efficient way. Postures in yoga tend to  follow a certain mental attitude (one pose may be the attitude of strength while the other an attitude of humbleness). Use yoga as a tool for personal transformation

2. Meditation

     Meditation is a process of letting go. And more importantly it is the process of focusing on the here and now. Most students are engaged in activities external from themselves. As a result, they tend to be unaware of their inner feelings. Meditation can bring a person to a place of being. It can be helpful to practice when you have a busy or racing mind. Take some time in the day to close your eyes and be where you are.

3. Music

     Calming music is powerful. It has the ability to uplift a depressed mood, settle down into a deep serenity or obliterate worry and anxiety. Music often seems to connect something within us. Be sure, however, to select music that is relaxing and not rambunctiously stimulating.

Other methods include:

  • Time Management

  • Letting go of perfectionism

  • Saying No

  • Abdominal breathing

  • And More!


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