Too Gay to Diagnose


Zackary Carpenter realized he had mono in early September after his liver and kidneys started to fail. Carpenter believes doctors are not given enough training treating gay men. Screenshot from Berkeley Lovelace Jr.


Guest Writer: Zackary Carpenter (@zackmacg)

Zackary Carpenter currently studies magazine journalism at the University of Missouri. He is from Blanchard, Okla. just south of Oklahoma City. Carpenter likes video games, science fiction, beat poetry and various forms of music. Opinions are his own. Place close attention when marked (ATT:)

When I was 19 years old, my liver and kidneys began to fail and my muscles started deteriorating. My blood was extremely toxic and I had a severe headache. I felt like a Centaurian slug was digging into my head, and I did not know where the hell Spock was. This is the story of how I learned that doctors know very little about gay men, and what they learned in five hours of training.

I am not HIV positive, and even though I am a gay male, I do not have any other STIs to my knowledge. I always use a condom during anal sex, and I am very careful about how I go about oral sex. I never mix sex with alcohol, and I have never used intravenous needles to take a drug. Continue reading